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DC Vision® is a future proof software using Augmented reality and AI technology.

As the complexity of Data Centers grows, human error continues to be one of the main drivers behind unintended interruptions of service. We use AR to supply your staff with advanced tools to facilitate their operations and improve workflow.

Experienced DC Engineers make use of real time data acquired via Digital Twin and employ diverse IT Service Management tools to provide services that are efficient, precise and cost-effective.

Digital Twin

After creating a 3D digital copy of the entire rack, we use augmented reality to overlay the world with data.

Our AR tools help increase the productivity of your engineers, improve their control, ease communications and greatly benefit their skill development.

Interact with the Digital Twin to update the data, make notes, detect any anomalies and confirm your work. 

Get in touch to find out how we can save time and optimize productivity.


We integrate with any data source that talks API. In order to retrieve assets and information, we utilize Data Center Infrastructure Management software. IT Service Management tools like Jira and ServiceNow enable us to pull information about open incidents and change requests. We make use of monitoring solutions that help you enrich your data.

Object detection

To detect any anomalies on your rack – we use object recognition and AI.

By comparing this information with asset inventory, we can instantly tell what went wrong.

This is a reliable diagnosis method leaving you in position to restore full function as fast as possible.

Never get caught unprepared. Contact us for more information.

Use cases


75% reduced rework and human error, 40% increased task efficiency for field engineers.


Accelerated onboarding and training of the staff.


54% reduced operational cost, traning and travel expenses reduced up to 75%